Our Meetings


We have home meetings, group meetings, prayer meetings, ministry meetings, teaching meetings, gospel meetings, prophesying meetings, love feasts, and the Lord’s table (also known as “the Lord’s supper” or “communion”). You are welcome to come and enjoy the church life with us; all genuine believers of Christ may freely commune with us. We are happy to include you in the fellowship!

 SUNDAY: To start the week, we remember our dear Lord with the Lord’s Table meeting at 10:00 AM at our hall. What a blessing and honor to be invited to His table!  Expect singing, praying, praise, and testimonies. After some refreshments, we’ll have some further sharing from God’s Word.

Be sure to bring your children too! We’ll have a special gathering they’ll enjoy each week!

Click here if you need our address or directions.

WEEKDAYS: Throughout the week we meet in quite a number of places throughout the city, mainly from house to house, as did the early believers (Acts 2:46).

FRIDAY: On Friday nights we gather together in small groups for dinner, relaxing, and fellowship. After a long and hard week it’s nice to get together and just enjoy the Lord. For first time visitors, Friday nights are a great opportunity for specific fellowship or prayer and just getting to know some of us. If you would like to join us for the next Friday night meeting, please contact us so that we can let you know where there is a small group meeting near you!