God Revealed


1. The Word of God reveals to me,
The Christ of God, God’s mystery
The Words He speaks are life to me,
Declares the unseen God

Whom having never seen, I love-
Glorious, wond’rous mystery!
A yearning is inside me,
Much more of God to see.

2. His Word reveals more mystery
Which is the Church, Christ’s own Body,
His many brothers, Christ enlarged,
Displayed on earth today!

3. My life is filled with ups and downs,
Greeted by saints, how can I frown?
I see Christ’s love upon their face,
Their joy becomes my crown.

4. The brothers are my melody,
My joy, my strength, stability
I’m drawn to Him, brought into life
As we to Him draw near.

5. Though I’ve not seen God face to face,
I love my Lord, Him I embrace.
I need more Word, the church, the saints
Exhaustless Christ to gain!

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: Based on fellowship from a meeting