Members We


(From I Cor. 12:12, 18, 26, 27)

1. For even as the Body
Is one with many members.
Yet all the many members
Being many, are one Body.
Yes, even as the Body
Has many members,
The members, we, are one Body;
So also is the Christ.

2. Now God has placed the members,
Each one within the Body.
As He Himself has willed it,
His sovereign hand fulfilled it.
So now the members many,
Are this one Body.
The mouth can’t speak unto the feet,
“I have no need of thee.”

3. So God arranged each member
To be for one another.
And should one member suffer,
The others suffer with it.
And if one part is glorified,
We all rejoice with it.
The members we, the one Body;
So also is the Christ.

Authors:  Bob Brenneman, Bob Burhenne, John Boughan, Tim Riesen