Keep Me Lord, For You Alone


1. Keep my eyes, focused on You alone,
Blind my eyes to all views not Your own.
Always keep my vision clear,
In my sight, I’d hold You dear.
Lord, keep my eyes beholding You
and You alone,

2. Keep my mind attuned to You alone.
Lord, my rock, and my foundation stone.
In times of uncertainty,
Only You, my surety,
Lord, keep my thoughts attuned to You,
and You alone.

3. Keep my heart upon You, Lord, alone,
May it never feel so free to roam,
When I would like to depart,
I pray that You’d guard my heart,
That it would anchored be to You,
and You alone.

4. Keep my time for You, O Lord, alone,
To me precious, but it’s not my own.
May it not be spent for me,
I pray it would wisely be,
Poured out and occupied, for You,
and You alone.

5. Keep my person, Lord for You alone,
I am Yours, I’m really not my own.
For You Lord, I would be spent,
My resistance would be rent,
That I would spend myself on You,
and You alone.

6. My whole living keep for You alone,
What I have, I’d waste on You, alone
Always keep my vision clear,
Your heart, be my treasure dear.
All that I have and am be Yours,
and Yours alone.

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: This came to me one morning while I was doing dishes. It is my prayer that in every aspect of my life, and living that I would be for the Lord alone. It could have been written in the plural, for it is my prayer that, by His mercy, both my husband and I would be absolute, and that our lives together would to be spent in a way of absoluteness for the Lord. I can say this is our prayer because I know that this is his heart too.