The Divine River


1. From God, there flows a river
To water the whole earth;
Brings with it God’s salvation ―
Brings man his second birth.
His Spirit flows within us,
Our lives are filled with worth!
The reason for our living;
Life’s meaning on this earth!

2. His work’s subjective in us.
Our fellowship so free;
I don’t impose laws on you,
You don’t demand of me.
As we’re enjoying Jesus,
His life does set us free ―
From riches not eternal,

3. Freed from self expectations,
God’s work, divine our view.
Rest in His operating
Dispensed in me and you.
The Spirit does enlighten,
Our natur’al man we see,
Impossible to change self,
God can for His glory!

4. Why should we ever struggle?
In God’s life just abide.
Let His life flow within us,
In Him be occupied!
Behold the empty people!
Parched, thirsty, dry inside,
We have the living water,
Their thirst be satisfied!

5. So, in or out of season,
We bear His fragrance sweet.
Streams gush up from within us
To people that we meet.
They, too, swept in its current,
Bring life where’er they go.
His life will work within them,
To thus increase the flow.

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: Each year, when there was a weekend conference in Toledo, my husband & I would go, with the hope of being able to stay for the entire weekend, but then, due to my back, I would only be able to stay for one meeting, & then I would have to come home. This came from one of those times, from that “one meeting” I was able to be in. I was so touched by the fellowship, & so thankful that I could hear it.