Constrained To Build The Body


(Based on: Phil 1:23-24, 2:4, Eph 4: 1-3)

1. I am constrained to remain in the flesh
Or to depart and partake of You in full,
To be with Christ, for this is better far ,
But to remain here, for you is more crucial.

I’ll remain, together with you all
I’ll remain, and continue with you all;
For your progress and joy of the faith;
For His purpose, respond to His call.

2. So brothers, I must beseech you, therefore,
Walk worthy, of your calling from above
With meekness, and with all long suff’ring, too.
We forbear one another in God’s love.

3. To keep the oneness, together we strive;
To regard other’s virtues, not our own.
We’d always strive, keeping the one accord;
To God precious and precious now to you.

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman