God Is Joyful


1 God is joyful when His people come together,
When together we would come and sing His praise.
As we open up our hearts in full surrender,
He can speak to us and show us all His ways.

2 How God loves it when His people come together.
As we read His word, He causes light to shine.
And He shows us He is one with us forever;
Glorious union of the human and divine.

3 God is happy when His people come together.
As we pray, He shows us what is on His heart.
Deep within He puts such care and love for others,
Causing us each day to pray and do our part.

4 So much happens when God’s people come together.
In such oneness, God and man are both at rest.
Filled with love and knowing joy that’s beyond measure,
Both our God and we, His people, are so blessed.

Author: Nancy Lang
Composer: Bob Brenneman