Great Things


1) Your spirit stirs restless inside me      A D G
I cry to You what can I do         A D G
I thought I was too far to listen         A D G
But forever You’ve been planning my work out for You         A D G A

2) I want to be with You forever
Forever my life for Your cause
No more are my fears and my failures
And no more are my fears and my self and my flaws

Teach me to fly     G
Teach me to pray      D
Teach me to say the words to say          A Bm
I want to go            G
Give me Your faith          D
I want to fly        A
For You are great Bm          G

3) And when I am lost in the caverns
And none of my friends I can find
I know that You did this before me
That the struggle is finished and done and behind

4) God, You and the Church are my family
I’ll no longer be so apart
Lord, fill up our lives with Your greatness
Lord Jesus, You put something great on our hearts

Put great things, great dreams on my heart        Bm D A G
Small great things          Bm
Great things, great dreams on my heart         D A G
Small great things       Bm

Author and Composer: Lilly Faulk

Background:  July 2013 – This song came out of Mountaintop 2013, where the core message got us high schoolers to think about our futures with the Lord. No matter how large or how small, I wanted to follow Him to experience the great things the Lord has in store for me. I had a burden to go out in some capacity and at some time and preach the gospel and do work for Him. I wrote this song to reflect that.