My Best Friend


1. My friends and I considered what is friendship.
As I walked home, considered on the way.
I thought of friends, who’d fade as morning’s dew drops,
Considered friends, when times were rough, would stay.
But, I’ve a Friend who’s unlike any other.
His love’s so pure, He’d not turn me away
When I can’t bear myself, He’d not reject me.
When cold in heart, His friendship does not fray.

2. Your love for me does not have any motives,
My int’rests best, are always Your concern.
If cold to You, Your arms would still embrace me.
Rejecting You, You long that I return.
Consumed by self, I find You walk beside me.
And though at times, at You, I am angry,
It seems as though, for You, the universe stops–
The moment that my heart would glance at Thee.

3. And as the prodigal, I often wander.
You’re always watching, waiting my return.
And though at times, my heart would treat You cruelly,
How can it be, for me, Your heart would yearn?
Unfathomable, that You, O Lord, could love me,
One such as I, who looks up at a worm.
My dearest Lord, Jesus, my Savior, best friend,
I thank You that Your love for me stands firm.

4. Yet still our friendship, Lord is not one sided.
What’s even more unfath’mable to me:
That You’d consider me a precious member,
One in Your Body built up corp’rately.
Preserve me Lord, along with all Your members;
In our pursuit of You, You’d find no lack.
That as a bride preparing for her husband,
Our prayer, our cry, “Come quickly, Lord, come back!”

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: Two young sisters and I went to Bruegger’s for breakfast, and while we were there, we were talking about what constitutes a “best friend”. As I walked home, I thought about this question, I began writing this, thinking of different friends in my life, and of Christ who is the real “best friend”.