Attacked But Not Defeated


1. In so many things that I say and do,
So often I do not abide in You.
I need You, O Lord, to fill up my heart.
I ache within whenever we are apart.

I run to You Lord, to Your blood I flee
From condemnations whispered to me.
In Your precious blood, Lord now I do hide,
It’s here in Your peace, Jesus Lord, I abide.

2. “Condemning” in me runs so deep and wide,
In You, O Lord, I pray I would abide
Save me now, Lord, in my times of need,
When Satan’s attacks grow rampant, wild, like a weed!

3. I find I’m distracted, often from You.
My prayer is that I would be found in You.
From seeking You, I’d never depart,
You’d know me as one who is after Your own heart.

4. The enemy’s lurking, seeks to destroy,
But Your light shines, brightly reveals his ploy,
Trying to sep’rate me from Your joy.
From flaming darts, Your shield of faith I employ!

5. Based upon Your Word, I declare my stand!
Nothing can sep’rate me from Your strong hand!
Not things below, nor things from above,
Can separate me from Your pure unchanging love!

6. So keep me, Lord, throughout all of my days!
Lord, sever me, from all of my own ways!
Into my heart, I pray work Your ways.
The universe watching shall declare all Your praise!

Authors: D.C. and J.G.
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: One day a sister called me, very downcast & condemned by the enemy. By the time we had finished fellowshipping & praying, she was joyful! A short time later, she called me back & said she tried to write a song about this experience & asked if I could help her with it (verses 1 & 2 & the chorus). I didn’t do much, just polished it. Afterwards, based upon our fellowship on the phone, and of my appreciation of the Lord’s precious work in this sister, which I have witnessed over the years, I added verses 3 – 6.