A New Day


1 It’s morning, a new day,
A new start, revived heart!
O Lord, I give You my heart,
I open it to You.
How shall we spend our day?

2 With old ones? With new ones?
With sad ones? With glad ones?
With cold hearts? Or with warm hearts?
Or dinner at my home?
Your heart and mine be one.

3 A phone call? A home call?
A short call? A long call?
I’m dropping all my concepts
To take You as my way.
You know how to reach all.

4 I’m watching, I’m waiting,
I’m seeking Your leading.
My natural tastes refuting,
My preference cast aside.
In You, Lord, I abide.

5 Divine Life, that’s in me,
With all people, can be–
All kinds of situations,
In all environments.
Life knows no boundaries!

6 With Christ as our focus,
Our oneness, so joyous!
No issues come between us
That hinder Your life’s flow.
O church life glorious!

7 Tomorrow’s a new day;
Again, Lord, have Your way.
You, Lord, hold many so dear;
To whom shall we draw near?
How shall we spend our day?

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: I was at a very early morning watch over at the Mann’s house. As we were reading the Word, I didn’t think I was “getting so much”; however, after I came home, I realized that there was such a joy within me!!! I felt so washed and so refreshed after being with the saints that I couldn’t wait for the rest of my day to begin! I opened to the Lord, looking forward to whatever way He would lead.

The Lord used this song to touch me that I shouldn’t plan my days according to what I wanted to accomplish, rather, I should be opening my heart to the Lord, for what was upon His heart for the day, and for what He would like to do. His speaking was so sweet to me. I felt He was leading me to begin my mornings in this type of way, “Lord, I open my heart to You today. What do You want to do today? How shall we spend our time?” When I would go to bed, it also became a sweetness for me to pray, “Lord, my night belongs to You, may I be one with You in whatever way You would want to use it.”