I lay it all down at Your feet C G Am
All of my worries, all my needs F G C
All of my struggles, my earthly desires C G Am F
Throw them into the fire Am G F

Jesus is infinitely better C Em
Infinitely wiser Am
Infinitely stronger, Jesus F
Lord, You’re infinitely faithful C G
Infinitely merciful Am
I’m so amazed that I’m F
Infinitely Yours Fm C

Lord, I give You my life
Help me to learn to step aside
All I have planned, my victories and all my dreams
Throw them into the living stream

Author and Composer:  Lilly Faulk

July 2012 – This song was written after Jr High Camp, where I realized that in serving my own capabilities were so limited, and that I needed to put my own self aside to allow the Lord to work and to serve others through me.