All For Eternity


1. The heart of one who serves the Lord C
Looks toward eternity Am G C
Religion has but worldly shine C
If not His heart to see F G
My serving and my living, O F G C
What wondrous joy it brings Am G C
If focused on the heavenlies F C
Onto eternity Am G C

2. For when I see on cloudless nights
A sky that’s full of stars
Or looking up at mountains great
Much greater, Lord, You are
Or looking down from miles high
In awe of all the view
Much more to fall down on my knees
In awe of all of You

3. Of every life’s necessities
A school, a house, a job
To pray for these with You in view,
The local church in thought
Of shepherding and building up
What do I try to reach?
Can I respond with spirit strong:
All for eternity!

Author and Composer:  Lilly Faulk

June 2015 – This song was written out of the inspiration from the book of messages about the tabernacle, regarding eternity. While being touched by the concept of eternity, my family took a trip to one of the mountain ranges in Taiwan. That is where the second verse comes from.