We Come Today Lord, We Come Worship You


(Tune: Come and Rejoice With Me by Tim Miller)

1. We come today Lord, we come, worship You!
Singing and praising, rejoicing in You!
Crushed and defeated is Your enemy!
Vanquished all bondage of his slavery!
You who had not known sin, in our place bled on the tree.
How can we praise enough? Your life has set us, the captives, free!

2. We are so thankful for all that You do!
We are the lepers returned, praising You!
Thank You for blood cov’ring all of our sin!
Thank You, for cleansing without and within!
We need Your blood each day for all we think, do and say!
Our hope, trust, confidence, Lord, our boast is You! Our boast is You!

You brought us up to others who loved and sought for You
Our heart leaped and filled up with joy!
Asking ourselves, was this a dream? Had our dream come true?
With them, You we’re seeking, we’re loving, enjoying!
Together we grow!
Love for You grows!

3. We come today Lord, we come, worship You!
Singing and praising, rejoicing in You!
We’re here together, appreciate You!
Your hand’s been on us, been kept in Your view!
It’s by Your mercy that we’re here and still loving You!
Lord, to You be the glory, honor, and praise! All of our praise!

Author: Judy Godshall

Background: I cannot begin to describe the joy that flooded me when, after having actively searched for the Lord for 14 years, I finally found Him! From the very moment I opened my heart to receive Him, He became so dear and precious to me, and I was in love with Him! There was nothing and no one that I desired more than He, yet, within me, I also found that I had a strong desire to be with others who shared my heart for the Lord. The Lord heard my prayers and led me to a group of believers who did indeed have the same desire for loving and pursuing the Lord as I did. How joyous to be able to love, honor, and praise our Lord together! I remember waking up, and lying there in bed, feeling like I was in a dream – it was all too wonderful! Now, over forty years later, I can certainly testify that my joy has not diminished; rather, it has all the more increased! It is my boast that the Lord has kept me over all these years, and that it has been by His mercy that today I can say that I love Him & His church more than when I was first saved. My praise and my thanksgiving is to Him! To Him be all the glory!