Lord, I’d Waste Myself Upon You


1 Lord, I’d waste my life upon You.
I count it not a waste at all!
Though others seem to think it strange,
My life I never would exchange.
You’re the one of peerless worth,
The meaning of life on earth.

2 Pressing forward is my focus,
En-deav-or-ing to know You more!
In all the universe so vast,
The joys of earth are in contrast,
To the joy of knowing You,
The joy now of loving You.

3 Lord, I’d spend my life upon You.
There is no price too high to pay!
I count all things as loss and vain,
With no desire to obtain.
Lord, You are my goal and gain,
It’s You I must now obtain.

4 As I sit, close at Your feet, Lord,
To Your-self and Your words I cling,
Distracting things? My eyes are blind,
My mind intent, my heart aligned,
And Your heart becomes my way,
What You think, and do, and say.

5 Lord, I’d pour my life out on You.
I count it not a waste at all!
Though others seem to think it strange,
My life I never would exchange.
You’re the One of peerless worth,
The meaning of life on earth.

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: The very moment I opened my heart to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I knew that I had found God! I had searched for Him since I was 10 years old, never finding Him, no matter what I tried. At the age of 24, my search was finally over and my life was forever changed! From that moment onward, by His mercy, the Lord placed within me a heart for Him. My desire then, as it is now, was that He would have the preeminence in every aspect of my life.

One day, around 40 years later, as I was washing the dishes, I was thinking of how some of those in my family, and some very close friends feel that how I live my life for the Lord is a waste, for they don’t see the value of being spent upon Him. As I was thinking about this, a photograph came to my mind which had been posted on the church’s bulletin board years ago, during the time we were building our first meeting hall. The photo was of an older sister who was helping to build the meeting hall along with all of us younger ones. Underneath the photo was a caption, “It is not a waste to waste your life upon the Lord.” The caption was so appropriate for it was indeed a testimony of her life, and I pray that it will also be a testimony of mine.

Background for verses 4 & 5: I added these two verses to the original song years later when we were going over Luke 10:38-42, and John 12:1-8.
The verses in Luke tell of Mary sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening intently to all He spoke. As she sat there, her heart was aligned with the Lord. Although other disciples of the Lord also heard Him speak, it seemed that she was the only one who realized what the Lord was speaking – that in just a short time, He would be put to death. Then, in John 12, based upon what the Lord had spoken, Mary, realizing that she might never again be able to pour out her love to the Lord, does something that seemed to be totally unreasonable – she seized the opportunity do what she could, with what she had, by pouring out a pound of very expensive ointment, (perhaps the equivalent to a year’s wages), to anoint the Lord’s feet and then wiped them with her hair. Although there was much displeasure on the part of the disciples, the Lord commended her, saying, “Leave her alone, she did this in preparation for My burial. You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have Me.” The sharing touched me so much, and it reminded me of this song – although it might seem unreasonable to my family and friends, my heart is that my life, and whatever that might entail, would be continually wasted and poured out upon the Lord.