Lord’s Testimony


We will not part
A                  D
From Your Testimony, Lord
We will leave our father’s house
And cling to you God
We will not trust our bow
G                             Bm
And we will not trust our sword
G              D
You must save us again
A                    D
As You’ve saved us before


Awake, We do not sleep, Oh Lord
D                                              A
Arise, Do not cast us off forever
Em                             D                       A
We will make Your Name to be remembered
Awake! We do not sleep, Oh Lord
Bm                                                         A
Arise! We will praise Your Name forever
Em                            G                        D                    A
We will make Your Name to be remembered
Though guilt and shame
Had followed our path
It is from the enemy
You have slain the enemy
For our sakes
You were a lamb upon the cross
All of our wealth
We count it as loss
Em        D               G
Do not hide Your face
A                                  Em
Our souls are bowed down to the dust
D                  G
Our hearts have not turned back
Nor departed from Your Way

Author and Composer:  Lilly Faulk

Background:  January 2015 – This song came out of the Winter Vision Week, from various phrases from the Psalms written by the sons of Korah. While being inspired by those verses, I also felt that I wanted to capture a plea to the Lord to move in His Churches and to make us ready to work for Him and with Him.