Opened By The Lord


1. I’m “in myself” at home.
A saint calls on the phone.
I drop my thoughts and wastes of time
To go be with the saints!
(Repeat last line of each verse)

2. My self is put aside;
In His love I abide;
Opinions must not interfere;
Upon the cross they stay.

3. We at the table sit;
The Lord is fully fit
To answer prayers I prayed so long.
Oh what a night worthwhile!

4. In awe of the time spent;
O Lord, I do repent;
Lord, take me out of my sealed house;
I open it to You.

5. For had I not gone out;
The Lord would have missed out;
Accomplishing all on His heart
And all that He had planned.

6. I’m happy, joyful too;
My life is just for you;
A life of meaning, purposeful;
Earth’s joys cannot compare!

7. Not struggling to go out;
My heart does praise and shout;
Anticipating morning’s dawn;
When I’ll be with the saints!

Author: Judy Godshall, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: There were two incidents that happened within a week or two, and both times happened when I really wanted to stay home. The first time, my husband and I were supposed to go to a home meeting which we regularly attend, but that night, it seemed like it was a real struggle to go, yet I did not feel right to cancel it. As we sat around the table, out of seemingly nowhere, one of the sisters began to speak about getting baptized! My husband and I and her mom had been praying about this matter for years! It was such a joyful baptism, & to this day, this sister still talks about that night! Driving home, I thought, what if I had stood with my feelings and had canceled going? Would this opportunity for her baptism been lost? The Lord knew what He wanted to do that night. No wonder there was such a struggle!

The second time happened when it was getting late in the evening and then the phone rang. A sister called asking if my husband and I could come to where she worked. Someone she was burdened for was going to be there, and she thought maybe we could come too. I was so comfortable at home, doing nothing, my husband too, but we went and it was so good! There was a real time of fellowship and opening up! We were amazed, and went home, in awe of the Lord, and so joyful! As I lay in bed, I again had the same thought – what if I hadn’t gone out? I was full of repentance to the Lord. I also kept thinking, “What will tomorrow bring? What will the Lord have in store for us?” I was excited!

The first time we sang this was at a Fri. night home meeting at Bob and Gail Brenneman’s house. Randy Mann’s parents were there, and it was Randy’s mom, Sally Mann, who suggested repeating the last line of each verse.