Standing With The Lord


(Based on Rom. 12:1, 1 Cor. 11:33)

1. If you stand with the Lord,
Live a sanctified life,
You will ever enjoy
The Lord standing with you.
If you stand with the Lord,
Consecrating your life,
You will also enjoy
His consecration to you.

This our most reas’nable service,
Presenting ourselves to the Lord.
It’s so logical, one living sacrifice to be in one accord,
To glorify the God and Father of our Lord!

2. If you stand with the Lord,
Taking Him as your life,
You will be headed up in Him,
Loveliest on earth.
You will fall deep in love
With your dear gracious Lord.
You will pour out your life
For the church, His pearl of great worth.

3. Grant us mercy and grace
For this vision to see:
Christ our life has become
The church is our living.
For His supper we come,
Let us wait for each one.
Let us exalt the Head,
Be for His Body caring.

Author: Judy Godshall, Mike Li, Bob Brenneman
Composer: Bob Brenneman

Background: The enjoyment of being in the Word and fellowship with the saints throughout the week.