tony1I am from a little island called Jamaica. When we moved to the Ohio, USA area to make our home, we started looking for a church to go to. Although I was raised as a Methodist, we could not find any church that would satisfy our need.

In our search, I began to realize that there was something more than going to church, but I did not know what it was. So I began to pray. Actually, I did not just pray; I literally cried out to the Lord to help me if there was something more He wanted to show me. I cried from deep in my being, even begging the Lord to help me, to show me what it is He is doing on the earth. This kind of prayer continued for a couple of months.

Then one day two men and a woman knocked on my door and invited me to come to a Christian meeting. I accepted the invitation and on the following Sunday I came to the meeting. That day I saw something I had never seen before! Although I was very nervous, something inside me said “this is right”.

As I spent time with these ones, I began to see something of the Lord Jesus, that He is my Saviour and that I can call on His name. Oh, what a joy! I had never felt like this before! I then began to realize that I have a spirit! Oh, what a joy! Oh, what a peace! Right then and there I realized that I was saved. My wife and I also realized that we should get baptized, so we did. I felt “tingly” all over! Afterwards, I was so happy I had to tell everybody that I was saved. I went to work and I was telling everybody about the Lord Jesus and how He as the Spirit is living in me! Although people were looking at me, it did not bother me. I was in love with the Lord Jesus. All I wanted to do was tell people about this Jesus!

Lord, thank you for saving me! Lord, I love You! Lord, save all my friends as you saved me!