debbiePI am so excited to share with you a very valuable and life changing experience in my life. Thank you for reading!

I was born in 1961 and was raised in a small town. As I became a teenager, I realized how very unhappy I was. I started wondering about my existence and what life was really all about. I felt lonely and empty and started searching for significance in various places to no avail.

After graduating from high school a friend and I decided to have some fun and backpack to Florida. While there, a few Christians (whom I will never forget) came up to me and began to share about Jesus Christ and how He had changed their lives and how much He loved me. As they talked my heart seemed to be saying “YES” but I was too proud in myself to be humbled so easily, here so my mouth said “No thanks”. They walked away. As I watched them disappear in the distance I sensed some deep feelings of loneliness, despair, regret and a little fear. Deep inside of me, I knew that they had something very real. This something seemed to have attached itself to my heart and refused to let go. (Thank You Jesus!)

A few months later I came back home. After my journeys, I remained empty and confused. What I thought would bring satisfaction, failed. I attended a worship service with my mother and heard once again the good news of Jesus Christ, that He was the Son of God and came to earth to die for me that I could have life, abundant life. I could not resist this truth, I was compelled to believe and I trusted in Jesus Christ as my very own personal Savior. That day, so many years ago, was the most valuable and meaningful day of my life that I will never regret.

Since then I have come to know Jesus in such a real and personal way that no one could ever take this relationship away, for He has promised to keep me and allow nothing to take me out of His and the Father’s hand.

Oh, what a peace! Oh, what a joy! Oh, what meaning life really has. This meaning is the one-on-One, personal relationship with the God of creation! He is so awesome and wonderful! I pray you will seek His love and forgiveness today and begin the first day of the rest of your life in a new and living way. Amen.