nancy1As I recall to see why I am so blessed to be in God’s family,┬áthere I have to remember back to when I was a child. I have fond memories of a very loving mother who loved the Lord Jesus with all her heart. I knew Him because I knew her. Through friends in my early teens I prayed and was “saved”. The seed was planted, but never watered and fed.

I grew up in a suburb of New York City where there were many different religions. My closest friend was Jewish and I had several friends who were Catholic. I used to sit in a Catholic church trying to touch the Lord. I’d always come away feeling empty. The environment was pleasant but there was no relationship with God.

As the years went on I married, worked, raised three children and lived a “normal” life. We attended a Protestant church that would give twenty-minute sermons about such things as the United Nations. Never do I remember hearing about salvation. We were always occupied with bake sales, dinners, and fund raising in general. I’m sure now, as I look back, there was no anointing from God to do those things.

It wasn’t until my son and daughter-in-law became friends with neighbors who met with the church in Willoughby that my life started to change.

It was here where I started getting the proper watering and feeding. The seed was now beginning to grow. I began to experience God’s limitless love for us. The more I get to know and enjoy this wonderful One, the more precious He becomes. His love continues to draw me to Himself.